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Thoughts from the Saints game URGHHHH

Thoughts from the Saints game URGHHHH

1) Greg Williams' gut.

2) Campbell Yesss!

3) Running game Yesss!

4) Karim Moore! Yay! Karim Moore Nooooooo! Refs c'mon! Maybe, that was not an interception, the ball was loose. Maybe, Karim Moore was down by contact before he was stripped. Refs bail us out!

5) Greg Williams' gut. (stay away from Emeril's restaurant)

6) Campbell Yesss!

7) Devin Thomas, Welcome to the NFL!

8) Suisham!!! Not again!!!

9) Haynesworth on the turf again. Now is not the time to fake an injury. You are giving the other team a timeout that the don't have.

9) Landry !!! Not again!!!

10) Campbell!! Not again!!! (interception during the last 2 minutes of the game).

11) Coin Toss!!! Woot! Woot!

12) Mike Sellers!!! C'mon man! Let's recap the year for you, critical dropped ball for sure touchdowns, critical blocking mistakes in 3rd and 4th down plays, fighting with your star runningback,  and now a fumble in OT to give Saints the win. What a magnificent year you are having!

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