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Our goal here is not complicated: Get Dan Snyder out of the decision making loop of our beloved Redskins.

For over a decade, Snyder has used the Redskins as his personal fantasy football team. Making one boneheaded decision after another and bringing this once proud franchise to its knees. Norv Turner, Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier and even the sainted (to Skins fans) Joe Gibbs have coached and lost here. The one constant during these years has been the man behind the curtain pulling the strings in all the wrong directions.

Dan Snyder and his lacky Cerrato have proven themselves to be terrible decision makers when it comes to on-the-field decisions while reaping huge amounts of profits from the Redskins dedicated fan base.

The options going forward are many: Boycotts, Signs (recently banned at the stadium) and a host of others that can be discussed on our message boards.

Registration is open to all and all Skins/Football fans are welcome to chime in.

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