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Champ Bailey Clinton Portis trade

Champ Bailey Clinton Portis trade

The Washington Post had an article today regarding the 2004 trade between the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos. When talk radios and articles argue the topic which team got the better deal they always argue over the talent levels of these two players and miss the strategic significance of this trade.

Shaun Springs was an adequate replacement but the overall void at the other CB position forced the Skins to take Carlos Rogers in 2005 when DeMarcus Ware and Shawn Merriman were still on the draft board.

Since this trade our CB situation has been less than settled. Carlos Rogers is no Champ Bailey and last time I heard Shaun Springs does not play for the Redskins anymore. I remember Michael Wilbon's article after the trade saying that how stupid it was to trade away possibly the best cover corner in the leage and he was absolutely right.

If we only had football people making decisions we could have had Champ and Ware/Merriman playing for our team right now. How cool that would have been!

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